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Polish American Deli

We are all about delicious food...
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We have been featured on NBC 10 Channel!
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We have kielbasy, lunch meats, pierogies,  golabki, cheeses, paczki, cakes and other groceries!

We serve lunch!

Our golabki for lunch or dinner!

Our Pierogi for lunch or dinner!

Our Bigos for lunch or dinner!

Have you tried our recipes?

We sell homemade, ready to eat golabki, pierogi, stuffed peppers, bigos and other don't have to cook, simply warm it up in a microwave and a delicious dinner is served!!!  Your family will love it!!!

Now, we offer a huge selection of party trays so step by our store to order your trays today and your party will be a guaranteed success!!!

Don't forget we carry a full scope of grocery items, meats, cheeses and desserts, too many to list. 






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